Whatsapp policy Invading privacy for users.


First of all, we all Need to Know About Your WhatsApp Privacy Settings. As everyone knows with all communication tools, privacy is of utmost importance for everyone.WhatsApp boasts over 1.5 billion active users globally, and in India, if we are talking about active users in terms of Croes i.e around 35 to 40 Croes. Whatsapp making it one of the most popular apps throughout numerous systems, consisting of iOS and Android. In spite of those spectacular numbers, users obviously worry about their privateness. It’s probable due to the fact WhatsApp is owned by way of Facebook, and it’s famous for the security issues. So what records does WhatsApp collect? Does WhatsApp track you? And how can you tighten up your safety at the SMS app? Do you all of sudden want to stop the use of WhatsApp? I know that most of the people answer it That is not possible so we need to understand and use it wisely. And of course, we have to understand and educate other people who don't know more about technology.


What records does WhatsApp collect? Does WhatsApp track you?

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Do you all of sudden want to stop the use of WhatsApp?


Should you stop using WhatsApp? The short answer is no, nothing has really changed. WhatsApp’s data sharing hasn’t really changed, its security hasn’t changed, it remains the largest end-to-end encrypted platform available, and one that’s likely be used by all those you communicate with. Only we need to understand what we are communicating with others, which means we need to be more personalized while chatting with others avoid group discussions through WhatsApp. For further safety avoid using any app which is link with your bank account and personal information which can be indicated to your privacy. I am not that much technical but in short what I studied and understand that they will continue to encrypt all messages but Signal encrypts even the metadata…hence it is more advanced latest privacy update reiterates that msg encryption always will continue but doesn’t indicate how they will allow businesses to contact people through their platform. One can expect developments similar to what Facebook did to Instagram after buying it.

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